Why live streaming your matches is important

Live streaming sports presents a variety of challenges, but also brings some amazing opportunities. Sporting events are some of the most viewed broadcasts on television and people are very interested to watch sports when someone they know participates. Increasingly, sports are broadcasted live over the internet as well. If you are involved in sports in any way whether as a player, coach, club employee or parent – here are few reasons why you should consider live streaming the events.

  • Increase the exposure

By live streaming the game and bringing it directly to the feed of your friends or followers you are already showing different level of professionalism which might result to bringing a new sponsor to the club, more visitors, etc… It also improves the performance of the players since everybody is motivated to give more on the pitch when there is more audience watching them.

  • Show talent

Parents that are live streaming games of their kids do an amazing job. These live streams can be re-watches after the game so play and mistakes can be reviewed afterwards by the players and coaches. It is much easier to analyze the game on video after the match. These games can also be used to show the talent of some players to other coaches and can help them to get to the next step of their career.  

  • Motivate and encourage others to start

Sports are good for people’s health and live videos can motivate more people to start practicing and get involved. Live streaming to your FB page or profile can motivate parents to bring their kids to the practice and it will encourage them to get in touch with you and ask for more information.


  1. Cut cool video parts and good points from the video and post them separately to social media.
  2. Tell players that they can do the same, they can use the video parts to create a highlights video that they can use to promote their skills.
  3. Do it often, viewers need time to create a habit to go and check the live videos of sports games but from our experience we know that the number of viewers increases over the time in almost all cases.

Normally you would need equipment, streaming solutions, streaming platform but SportCam App solves all of that for you. By simply using your mobile phone you can make a professionally looking broadcast with a scoreboard and timer specifically designed for your sport and you can stream directly to YouTube or Facebook.             

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