How to improve your video quality when streaming with SportCam App?

SportCam app connects to your YouTube or Facebook live streaming and adds a scoreboard to your live video. We receive plenty of questions from users asking what they could do to improve the quality of the video. Since Facebook and YouTube are external platforms, we do not have any control over the video quality on these platforms but there are still measures that you can take to make sure you bring the bet quality to your audience.

First, let’s explain how Facebook and YouTube live work and take it from here.

Facebook and YouTube automatically follow your connection and they are lowering the quality of your video in order to avoid the live stream stopping. If they decide that your connection cannot withstand a high-quality video, they will decrease the quality automatically.

  1. Quality of your camera

The quality of the camera on the device that you are using is the biggest factor.  You can have the best and most stable connection but if the camera on your phone is not good enough then the video quality will not be best.

  • Connection

The connection is the second biggest factor when live streaming. People often confuse the amount of data that they have available with the speed of the connection. Having a high-speed uninterrupted connection is the key to having a seamless live video. There are apps that you can use to check your connection.

  • Location

This is a factor that many users don’t think about but it has a huge effect on the quality of the video.

Some sports are being played indoor and others are being played outdoors. The ones that are played outdoors are typically played outside of the city or in not so urban areas where the connection might not be that fast. We recommend you test the location with a speed measuring app.

For sports which are played indoors the connection might be affected by walls. For this reason, if possible it is always smarter to use Wi-Fi connection if that is available on the venue.


Streaming to Facebook:

If your Facebook videos are taking too much time to buffer or your video quality is poor, you can configure Facebook to stream videos in SD only (Standard Definition) format.

Settings & Privacy/Settings/Video and change the video quality to SD only.

Mi-Fi device

We advise users to use mi-fi device if possible, to increase the speed of their connection.

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